Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter work

Here's the Guzzi in it's current state.

After much scanning of UK ebay I've picked up 2 18" Astralites in the 2.5 width I need to run the front 110 Avon AM22's race tyres. (why settle for 1 when you can buy 2???).

I'll be fabricating (actually I won't because I'm a useless fabricator, I'll be standing over someone's shoulder), a new underslung rear brake. Partly because it looks cool and also because I want to ditch the heavy stock set up. The tab on the swing-arm that attaches the caliper holder gets in the way when I change tires which means I have to remove the rear bevel drive box to remove the wheel: a huge pain.. The new caliper will attach to a plate/spacer and have a brake stay arm attaching to the swing-arm. I can then shave the tab and save precious ounces. See the set up I'm badly describing here.

The caliper you see is from a late model Ducati and the rotor is a Guzzi item. It will get skimmed, drilled and turned to cut down the weight.

Other changes planned are: mount the Magni fairing, install charging system, mount lights, make new foot-pegs, put on the 40mm front end I just picked up and lots of other little stuff. More pictures to follow......

Current events

Homer's Harley

Here's my friend Homer and his bike. I just picked up the bike for him from Long Beach docks after he attended the Catalina GP. More details and story up-coming in Sideburn.