Friday, March 23, 2012

2 for the price of 1

Due to unforeseen circumstances I now have 2 engines to build at the same time. This is my street bike engine that has been sitting on the bench for 4 months. It should've been finished ages ago but one thing after another meant the rebuild was delayed.

Brief specs: 90mm Wiseco pistons with lightweight pins, Megacycle X10 cam donated from my racer as the old one ate a lobe, twin plug and ported MK 1 spec heads, V11 rods, 78mm crank, V11 twin plate clutch, V11 pushrods, California sump and steel SP cylinders which was the latest delay as the old ones were pitted so I had to find new ones and get them bored from 88 to 90mm. Oh and I had to wait for a ring end gap filer.

The engine kindly donated a set of big bolt Carrillo rods and Ti pushrods that will go into a second endurance engine. This engine was a bit of a speed demon but the go faster goodies are much better off in a race engine. Should still be a a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing though :)........

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