Sunday, September 27, 2009

Comic relief

 It's time to introduce you to the local cast of characters who have helped me with the Guzzi. Ralph, great friend and partner in crime who I race with on a regular basis who even when I show up at his shop when he's crazy busy never gives more than a shrug and a "sure" when I have some crazy project I would like him to help with. Mark and Sean who despite being complete piss takers are good guys and have been very generous with parts and time. Just don't show up at 4.45 on a Saturday afternoon. Daniel an old friend of 17 years just showed up one night and wouldn't leave; one of the most talented and infuriating people I've ever met. Ed who paved the way and had more confidence in my riding ability than I did.......

Ralph Hudson, ex-AMA racer, Bonneville record holder and ace fabricator.

Marky Mark Ethridge owner and president of Moto Guzzi Classics.

Sean Fader, head wrench and only sane(ish) person at MGC

Daniel Lynn, crazy genius mechanic and fabricator, prodigious chip eater who sadly passed away last year, seen here studying brand new Chinese made jumper cables that we discovered were defective at 3a.m before my first race.We had been trying to start the bike for 3 hrs thinking there was an ignition problem......

Mark again showing his more sensitive side.

Ed Milich at some place in Florida where bikes go round and round.

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