Saturday, September 26, 2009

The story so far........

Welcome to Team Guzzi Nerd.

This blog is about building and racing a vintage Moto Guzzi. Due to my pathetic typing skills and lack of attention span I'll be posting often but in small doses. Whew, I'm worn out already.

Where do I start....... I've owned Guzzis for about 15 years and enjoy going fast. Finally in 2007 I put the 2 together and decided to build a racer. Actually the idea started formulating a few years earlier and in 2006 I helped out a very fast racer, Will Harding, at Willow Springs raceway here in Los Angeles. The bike was owned by Stan Friduss and at the time was an 1100cc engined MK 1 LeMans. (see picture below).


  1. Andrew
    your Guzz is more ugly than an Austin Allegro, and is crying out for a make-over. Nothing as painful as SoCal silicon tits, just some traditional craft touches. You're a woodworker, how about a nice mahogany dashboard for starters?


  2. Hi Andrew, nice to put a face to the E.mails !
    looking forward to seeing the new wheels on the bike soon.

    Nick (UK)