Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going round the bend

I've been unsuccessfully practicing my Uri Geller skills figuring if I stared at the pipes long enough they would bend into an exhaust system. Unfortunately that hasn't happened and I'll have to use my much stronger phone skills and call Ralph.

Notice the ever present hammer.

I actually have a bike lift but you'd never know......

Battery mounted.

Rear brake caliper

Aftermarket XR 650 rear lights. From Flanders.

Front view with V11 headlight.


  1. those rear lights are so tug-boat. Having said that they are fuugly period correct for an endurance racer I guess.

  2. Ha. Yes they are ugly but as you are correct, it wouldn't be endurance if there weren't ugly lights pasted on. They work, were cheap and Flanders is 15 minutes from my shop so sod it..... they stay.