Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final stretch

Almost done. Which it should be considering I have a trackday in a week and a half.

Astralite painted and mounted. Now if I can only figure out why it won't keep air pressure up......

This rat's nest is the wiring harness awaiting final routing and wrapping.

Checking wheel alignment.

Should be room in there for a cup holder

Muffler that doesn't.


  1. maybe theres some corrosion where the two halves are rivited together. You could try runing a bead of bathroom silicone kit around the crack with a wet finger. ( a technique I'm sure you're familiar with). BP

  2. She sounds ready for Nascar!!

    "Muffler that doesn't" Hahaha!!

  3. Ben. That was going to be my next trick. Considering the wheel was probably pulled out of a bog from the wrong side of Boston I'm surprised it holds any air.