Monday, July 11, 2011

Team effort

In no particular order I'd like to mention the cast of characters who made this whole effort possible:

My younger brother Mark who you definitely want on your side. I arrived in Belguim not knowing if I was actually entered in the race even though I had sent my application and money months before (long story). Mark called the head of Spa and had a 'chat'. I was officially entered an hour later. Did I tell you Mark works for the President of the European Commission. Nice!!

Rick, who rode halfway across Europe with his wife Beth in 1 day to help and support us. He manned the timers brilliantly.

Chris, my riding partner. I never worried about him. In an endurance race that is everything.

Patti, Chris's wife who put a huge effort into running pit-stops and re-fueling.

Beth, Rick's wife who manned the fire extinguisher.

Ralph, the genius fabricator who makes anything possible.

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  1. Nicely used Guzzi spotted in Crouch End, London the other day...