Friday, August 24, 2012

Part 2

Having arrived in Belguim the plan was to pick up the bikes on the Wednesday before the race so we could get to the track that night and Rick could then do the track-day on the Thursday.  Unfortunately the shipping agent didn't co-ordinate with the warehouse where the bike was waiting and long story short I wasn't able to pick up the bike until late Thursday afternoon and arrived at the track at 6pm Thursday.

This wasn't a total disaster as Rick was able to sign up for the Superbike trackday that ran concurrently with the event so in theory he could have multiple sessions throughout the weekend in addition to the mandated 4hr qualifying sessions on Friday afternoon and evening.

Before any of this could happen we had to 'tech' which involves having race officials make sure the bike and gear is race ready and safe thus earning a 'tech' sticker allowing access onto the track. Easy!! The bike was in the same form as last year and would pass no problem. What I hadn't counted on was them insisting that the rear brake work. The nerve!!

"I never use it" I protested. That didn't work so off I sloped back to my garage to fix it. Bugger!! It had never really worked even when I wanted it to so now I had to finally fix it. Rick and I tried shims (ok I'm lying, coins) to place between the master cylinder piston and the actuating arm to give more leverage. Still no joy. Bugger again. Now I was really sweating as I knew a master cylinder rebuild was in order. Who the hell has a stock Guzzi Brembo rear master cylinder rebuild kit at 7pm on a Thursday night in the middle of Belguim??


Thank God I had put the rebuild kit in amongst my spares. I'd had it kicking around for years and even remembered looking at it before I left thinking...... "well you never know"!!!

Disaster and major embarrassment averted we quickly had it installed and bled the system. Off we went again and we passed with flying colors. I think I saw a glint in the tech guy's eye when looking at the Guzzi but that may just have been my imagination......

Back to the pits we got settled in and organised gear, set the bike up further and visited with friends from last year. I wish I could remember more but there is such sensory overload that it's hard to recall every detail. I do know there's no better place to be. Good people, great bikes, a sense of adventure all set in the most amazing surroundings.......


Team Taurus. They came 3rd.


 A right sight

Losing my head

 My break-dancing skills

Next chapter: Friday qualifying.

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