Thursday, August 16, 2012

The dog ate my homework, belated Spa 2012 report

Due to the fact that this year's report will undoubtedly become an opus of Shakespearean proportions I'll be breaking it up into 3 or 4 sections. Chapters even !!

Last year saw Chris and myself achieve 18th place on our first attempt. As it was also the first time we had ever seen the track we were pretty impressed with ourselves. This endurance thing is pretty easy right..........

This year's preparations started in January and involved some totally unnecessary changes that were designed to do nothing more than give me something (else) to do: 

Lower frame rail deletion

Bormi transmission mounts. They are rather nice.

Suzuki '86 GSXR wheel flirtation. Deemed unsuitable due to lack of rear wheel offset.

Staintune headers and crossover flirtation. To be continued.

Tart's handbag.

Twin plugging. This was worth doing. 20% better mileage than last year and 4 more hp.

Here Rick and I prep the bike a month before shipping. Why use work benches when knees and cold concrete work just as well??

Ready for shipping shod with spare Borranis.

Off we go:

My riding partner this year was my good friend Rick and we would again be joined by Ralph and Gary riding Ralph's GS 1000 Suzuki. Ralph was hoping to finish this year as last year he blew up his clutch an hour and a half into the race. 

Our plan was to to do as well as last year, ride sensibly, be humble and maybe, just maybe we might win it.......

To be continued.... in Belguim.

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